demonicangel67 asked: (drabble prompt meme thing) 64. Sugawara/Hinata (HQ!!)

"multitasking", 506 words, i accidentally vaguely sexual fic’d oops

Hinata pops off Suga’s lips and sighs against him, feeling as if all the tension has eased out of him, now. Suga smiles up at him, rubbing small circles into his lower back. Hinata feels a little embarrassed that he keeps making sounds while he’s straddled over Suga’s lap and slightly arching into him, but his muscles are so sore and Suga’s fingers are as soothing as they are purposeful in their gentle pushes against him. 

"How are you feeling, Hinata?" Suga asks. He laughs when Hinata responds immediately with a gentle, pleased moan into his hair. 

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demonicangel67 asked: (shortfic prompt thing) 46. Ukai/Takeda (HQ!!)

nanny/single parent au (also in which tsukishima is ukai’s kid and yamaguchi is shimada’s kid), 728 words, i need to stop writing when i’m sleepy

"Thanks for letting me drop these two off early, Shimada just dumped his kid on me this morning and I got called in on an emergency and—"

Takeda laughs, cutting Ukai off. “And it’s no problem, Ukai-kun. I’m happy to have them here as always,” he says and smiles down at the two children tucked behind Ukai’s legs. Tadashi was yawning and holding tight onto Kei’s sleeve while Kei had his head pressed into the back of Ukai’s thigh, a little too tired for life as well. “I’ll put them on a futon so they can go back to sleep.”

As Takeda coaxes the children from behind Ukai, Ukai checks his phone for any updates on whatever is going on at the family farm. “Jeez…this is probably the worst timing,” he mutters. He puts his phone away so he can ruffle Kei’s hair (he receives a sleepy but ever indignant “Daaaaaaaad” from him, to which Tadashi responds with “Keeeeeei”) before Takeda takes them to the guest room to tuck them into warm blankets and soft pillows for a second chance at sleep.

Ukai waits by the door until Takeda wanders back. “I thought you had to hurry?” Takeda muses, and Ukai scratches the back of his head as a blush blooms on his cheeks.

"Yeah well, I, uh…wanted to know if you knew another nanny ‘round here…who could watch the kids on short notice…" he asks, and Takeda knows better than to even consider taking offense to it.

He smiles up at Ukai. “I didn’t realize you wanted to go to dinner so soon! Would Shimada be able to watch over them tonight? He did apparently leave Tadashi with you without warning.”

Ukai groans. “Alright, he technically did text me about that and I apparently responded, but I don’t remember and, yeah, I could probably get him to take Kei for a while when he picks up Tadashi later,” he says, half-pondering and half-stress rambling. He runs his hand over his hair and takes off his headband just to smooth it back over his hair. “Those boys are just going to spend all day together at this rate, but I don’t have another next-morning off for a long time, so…”

Takeda sighs. “I told you we could just do lunch—”

"No way! I’m taking you to dinner! And you can, I dunno, stay at my place tonight…the kids don’t have school tomorrow so Kei could sleep over at Shimada’s, or—"

Takeda, his face lit up red at the suggestion, gets on his tip toes and kisses Ukai’s mouth, his hands resting on his shoulders and giving them comforting rubs. He slides off Ukai’s lips and smiles at him. “You’re stressing yourself out too much. It’s fine, we’ll figure it out,” he hushes, “Also, as much I’d like to stay the night, I have a medical appointment tomorrow morning so I couldn’t stay overnight anyway.”

Ukai sighs and drops his head down on Takeda’s shoulder. “Dating with a kid is harder than I expected it to be,” he grumbles, “but I guess that’s what I get for dating his nanny, huh?”

Takeda pats Ukai’s head. “Sure looks like it. But it’s not all bad, honestly; I get to see you everyday!”

An annoying jingle interrupts the charmed laughter that comes from Ukai, and is soon replaced with a muffled curse and Ukai glaring at his phone. “Shit—okay, look, I gotta go! I’ll see you later and then later again maybe!” he says way too fast for Takeda to catch all the way, but Takeda does catch the kiss deposited quickly onto his lips before Ukai barrels out the door, phone held to his ear. Takeda sighs fondly at him from the doorway, and is too in small bursts of bliss to care much that the sun has barely risen.

"So when are you gonna marry my dad?" Kei suddenly gripes behind Takeda. Takeda nearly jumps out of his skin and he turns to see that Kei has, indeed, wandered out of the guest room (and Tadashi’s clingy clutches) and probably saw the last bit of Stupid Adults In Love exchange.

Takeda groans and tries to usher Kei back to bed while he contemplates how to explain to Ukai that Kei does, in fact, know that they’re in some kind of relationship that has the marriage question tied to it.

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I don’t think that’s a scheming face… I think he’s actually smiling, maybe

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wanna win some free art? Participate in the giveaway!! 

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God Tier Wings Tutorial



My wings were made using a scaled-up version of Saccharinesylph’s wing tutorial with different patterning and materials, since they’re too large for any kind of tights.  A long time ago Dei and Kisbe suggested using dance mesh fabric, and it’s worked great for both Sollux’s wings and my Grubmom ones.  I experimented with a lot of different things for Sollux including cellophane and fantasy film, but in the end dance mesh gave the cleanest look without any weird wrinkling or bending.

For Sollux I used a different method of fitting the dance mesh, as well as way more individual wing pieces, and I’m much happier with the results.


Instructions and progress pics under the cut!

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It doesn’t matter if the whole world do hate you. It’s so insignificant compared to that one person. 


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Just gonna…dump pictures of my new OTP here..



i love how far this went

tumblr artists at their best

My otp is back

new mega-otp

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